Our Story


The Inspiration

We are all shaped by our experiences. A defining facet of our life has been our extensive travels across the world. Through all these journeys, what has really stood out for us is the artistic heritage that exists in communities across the globe. These amazing creations mesmerized us and left us with a longing that now compels us to showcase this artistic treasure to the rest of the world.


Artistic traditions in these regions go back millennia. Artisans have been handcrafting products like handloom textiles, pottery, woven tapestry, block printing and many other exquisite work of art, all in complete harmony with the rhythms of nature!

Origin of our Products


Our Vision

Indigo Sutra will be the bridge between discerning audiences who appreciate and value global culture and artisans from around the world who have a rich and deep heritage of creating unique, exquisite products using sustainable materials and methods. We hope to keep these art forms alive and provide a medium for artisans to prosper and flourish while allowing our patrons to see these beautiful corners of the world through our eyes.

Indigo Sutra believes in offering natural, sustainable and ethically sourced products.   

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Our artisans hail from regions around the world that are ripe with history and heritage. Each of our items is a result of their careful craftsmanship and artistic talent.