This beautiful acacia wood bowl with servers is handcrafted by the artisans. It is crafted by the process of wood turning. In the craft of wood turning, having skilled hands with geometrical precision is always the top priority. The wood gets turned into an offering with the use of a wooden lathe. The lathe does the job of rotating the wooden materials along a fixed axis. The rotating block of wood gets worked upon by cutting and carving it into proper and even geometrical angles, using precision steel tools. The operators who carry out this whole process are known as turners. They are essentially the artisans in the field of woodturning. Such wonder-workers were of such rarity during the British era in India that people addressed them as the "mystery of the turners guild." Even today, wood turning only gets used for making offerings with a high artisanal value like restored furniture, folk art-inspired offerings, and customized products. Its very process makes it impossible to fit in an industrial mass production scenario. If that is not as artisanal as it gets, we don't know what will be!

10"x 4"

Acacia Wood Salad Bowl with Servers

SKU: HKTT030080
  • Acacia wood is naturally antibacterial, mold and insect resistant. It also remains unchanged when exposed to water. These unique properties give Acacia wood an edge over other varieties.

    Though naturally smooth, acacia touts a distinctive straight or wavy grain pattern, making every product unique and one-of-a-kind.

    Artisanal value

    Made in India