This contemporary wooden offering has been carefully hand carved from acacia wood by talented artisans. Hand carved woodwork employs the use of sharp tools like chisels to create highly detailed designs and fine inscriptions on wood by hand. This distinguishing feature results in unique offerings that are hard to replicate. This art form is widely practised in India and involves long hours of manual labor and precision. The process of carving starts with logs of wood being cut into flat slabs using saws. Usually two men hold the wood firmly, ensuring that the resultant slabs are cut to perfection. These pieces are then marked with pencil and cut in different shapes and sizes in keeping with the design, and then handed over to carving artisans. Carving is done by hand using basic instruments like saws, chisels, knives etc. The skilled artisans produce astonishing results with these seemingly simple tools. The pieces are finally assembled and polished by trained artisans, revealing offerings that are rich in detail and steeped in tradition

11" x 11"

Acacia Wood Square Platter 11x11

SKU: HKTT030075
  • Wipe with a damp cloth

    Every product made from a natural material is unique. Variations in pattern, color and appearance can be expected.

    Artisanal value.

    Made in india