Crafted completely from jute and cotton, this textured rug has been carefully hand-braided by Jaipur's artisans, renowned for their focus on creating sustainable lifestyle products that are timeless, elegant and of unparalleled quality. Every offering is a 100% artisanal, a glorious display of the beauty and richness of Indian crafts. The city of Jaipur is hailed as a treasure trove of heritage and crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation. This rug has been made from jute, a plant fiber that is renewable, eco-friendly and very durable. The fibers are first extracted by retting. The retting process consists of bundling jute stems together and immersing them in low, running water. After the retting process, stripping begins. In the stripping process, non-fibrous matter is scraped off, while the fibers found inside the jute stem are retained for braiding and weaving, a technique that is done by hand.

4 ft x 6ft (48" x 72")

Handwoven Cotton & Jute Patterned Rug

SKU: HHDR010042
  • Spot Clean / Dry Clean only

    Artisanal value

    Made in India