Immaculate in indigo with an ikat design, these digitally printed cotton table napkins are must-haves to uplift your dining experience! The art of digital printing involves an ink jet that prints colorants onto the fabric. This form of printing initially began in the 1960s as a replacement for analog screen printing, which typically consumes more energy and sublimation inks. Digital printing allows for low-energy sublimation inks to be used directly onto textiles, allowing the colorants to bond with fibers like cotton much faster. The main advantage of using this process is a drastically reduced wastage of inks alongside the absence of hazardous latex inks.

18" x 18"

Indigo Ikat Printed Cotton Napkins (Set of 4)

SKU: HKTT010058
  • Hand or machine wash, cold, on gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Natural dyes tend to bleed a little during the first wash, hence wash separately.

    Artisanal value

    Made in India